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Acustop Cataplasma is a superior pain relief with direct action on site of pain. The effectiveness is delivered via TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System). Just apply 1 sheet to the affected area twice a day.

Who Benefits from Acustop?

Acustop Plaster offers relief from the following signs and symptoms:

    Low Back Pain
    Shoulder Pain
    Joint Pain
    Neck Pain
    Tennis Elbow & Rib Fracture

The development of Transdermal Drug Delivery System is the result of certain thinking namely, that drug absorbtion and efficiacy can be enhanced by redesigning the delivery processes rather than the drug molecules. Figure below shows the drug permeation through the skin.
The Advantages?

  • Avoid gastrointestinal absorption problems.
  • Avoid first-pass effect, thus minimizing drug input.
  • Oral administration to be avoided or is contraindicated.
  • Better control of drug levels for potent drug if possible.
  • Quick termination of therapy if warranted is possible.
  • Increase patients' compliance.
  • Moisture the skin with synergetic pain management.
  • Superior pain relief.

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