Bio-Biloba® extracts the essential organic goodness of Ginkgo biloba to achieve good microcirculation which is associated with good blood circulation of our body.
Bio-Biloba® - Par Excellence
+ A natural herbal remedy.
+ 100mg of standardized Ginkgo biliba extract with a guaranteed content of 24mg ginkgo flavonoids and 6mg terpene lactones.
+ Medically tested to be high quality of antioxidant protection.
+ Manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.

Documented Superior Quality¹
A British study comparing 18 popular Ginkgo biloba brands. Bio-Biloba® was shown to be ranked No.1 in terms of antioxidant power compared to the other brands.

1.Mantle, D et al. (2003). Comparison of Antioxidant Activity in Commercial Ginkgo biloba Preparation. J Altern Complem Med 9(5):625-629.


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