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Bio-Quinone Q10 has been used as a standard preparation in many studies and clinical trials. Q10 is the coenzyme for most mitochondria enzymes that are involve in oxidative phosphorylation. Cells with high energy needs, such as those in heart and liver will benefit tremendously from bioenergetics effect of Q10. Q10 is virtually free of side-effects, does not interfere with surgical treatments and does not interfere with commonly prescribed medications.

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Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD
Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD is here! Coenzyme Q10 as ubiqinon with vitamin E which contribute to the formation of energy in body cells and to healthy blood vessels. Q10 is an essential part of the body's energy metabolism. The unique mix of vegetable oil from sustainable farming and coenzyme Q10 provides a good and proven bioavailability.

Bio-Marine Plus
The 1st & only Free PUFA Fish Oil that provides you ACTIVE Omega-3!. Using patented PureMax® Molecular Distillation technology, Bio-Marine™ Plus offers the purest Omega-3 for your maximum safety!. Benefits of omega-3 fatty acids include lowering blood pressure, blood thinning, anti-inflammatory and protection against heart diseases.

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Bio-Quinone Q10