What is Bio-Quinone Q10™?

Bio-Quinone Q10™ is an innovative product manufactured under pharmaceutical control containing active coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone or simply known as Q10. Q10 is the coenzyme for most mitochondria enzymes that are involve in oxidative phosphorylation. Oxidative phosphorylation process which is essential for our body’s synthesis of high energy phosphate called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Where is Q10?


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* Distribution of Q10 in human organs.

Why is Q10 Required?

As we grow older our own production of Q10 decilnes and heart disease can also deprive the body of Q101, which is why a daily supplement of Q10 can be beneficial. Twelve weeks of statins or HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors treatment lowered body initial Q10 values by 50-54%2. Statins are new safe and effective cholesterol-lowering agents. On the basis of 35 years of research by international investigators, heart failure is now knwon to be caused by a dominant deficiency of coenzyme Q101,3. In addition, Q10 is virtually free of side-effects, does not intefere with surgical treatments and does not intefere with commonly prescribed medications4.

Who May Benefits from Q10?

    Elderly people
    Those on medication to lower cholesterol level
    People who wants to maintain a healthy heart
    Overworked executives
    Sports men and women

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