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Bio-Marine™ Plus
    Millions of people are taking Omega-3 fish oil supplements to promote heart and vascular health. But, do you really get what you are paying for? Studies suggest that some consumers may not, due to the forms of Omega-3 fatty acids in their fish oil supplements: ethyl ester, triglyceride and free PUFA (also known as free fatty acid).
Bioavailability that counts!
    The term “bioavailability” generally refers to the capability of the orally ingested Omega-3s to be digested and cross the intestinal wall, thereby entering the bloodstream and, subsequently, arriving at a target organ or body structure, i.e. heart, joints, brain, eyes, etc to exert their health benefits.
Reduces Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors
  • Free PUFA Form for Active Absorption.
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce TG in Just 8 Weeks.
  • PureMax® Molecularly Distilled for Highest Purity & Safety.
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