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Choose Gincosan to Rejuvenate Your Brain

Women tend to multi-task and their brains are wired to do lots at once with the knack to adapt. Scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina discovered that women use more of their actual brain than men do. Due to the hectic pace, women are exposed to numerous stressors.

Women as executives and mothers juggle family life and work. Scientists found that the sleep need for women is greater, to recover from fatigue, compared to men.

Life happens and the tiredness will be part of it. Women multi-tasking does not have to accept tiredness and exhaustion.

We can react in a smart manner and choose Gincosan to rejuvenate the brain for better mental performance. Gincosan brings vim and vigour that strengthens memory and reduces forgetfulness.

It improves concentration and quickens recollection of information and supports efficient brain function.

Gincosan is unique, evidence based formula, combining specific extracts of standardised Gingko biloba (GK501) and standardised Panax Ginseng (G115). High quality clinical trials over 10-years of research has demonstrated positive results as it cause more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the brain.

Senior citizens benefit as it reduce forgetfulness, helps prevent mental and physical fatigue. Students gain as it promotes faster and more accurate thinking.

Gincosan is manufactured in Switzerland by Ginsana SA, a world leading phytomedical group. It has been shown to improve all 5 measures of cognitive function including long term memory for words and pictures, working memory for numbers and locations, speed of memory processes, power of concentration and consistency of concentration.