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Vitalise with Panax Ginseng

Fatigue is one of most common complaints people are experiencing due to demanding jobs, challenging pace of life and even home commitments that need to be fulfilled.

Fatigue refers to an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy and a feeling of exhaustion associated with impaired physical and /or cognitive functioning.

You are not alone. Most people are struggling to keep up with life’s daily demand.

Fatigue becomes a problem when it is ongoing and not resolving after rest and relaxation.

People are familiar with energy drain – that exhausted feeling despite not necessarily going through signs of muscles aches or that all over pain. What we experience is a decrease lack – to get-up and go for events we used to love.

One product based on clinical trials that shortens recovery time from fatigue and increases oxygen levels is standardised Panax Ginseng G115 that gives a consistent level of energy all day thus an important step in helping you gain more control over your busy life, so you can feel better about yourself and actually enjoy life more.

Ginsana is a natural supplement that gradually works to help increase your body’s optimum uptake of oxygen to increase the ATP (adenosine triphosphatel) hence improving the energy level.

Standardized Panax Ginseng G115 it is well-known to be an adaptogen that helps the body to restore itself to health.